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#1 New York Times  Bestselling Author


    • Trust & Teamwork
    • Human-Animal Bond
    • Inclusion vs. Diversity
    • Strategies for Adapting in Challenging Times

Blind since birth, Michael’s life was dramatically changed on September 11, 2001, when he, his guide dog, Roselle, and a small group of co-workers descended 78 floors of Tower One of the World Trade Center. Passed by fire fighters ascending the stairs, unknowingly climbing to their deaths, the group struggled to breath amidst the ash, blinded by the dust and gasses. Now equally blinded, their survival depended on holding onto each other, and to the trust that Michael had in Rosell’s ability to guide…MORE…


New York Times  Bestselling Author

  • Live More, Stress Less
  • You Were Made for More
  • Bye Bye, Burnout!
  • Training for Aspiring Authors

June, 2006: Against a backdrop of a ten-year civil war ravenging the small country of Nepal, Carmen sat in the U.S. Embassy in the capital of Kathmandu clutching Jenee, the baby girl Carmen had fought to adopt for the past two years. Having battled rampant corruption in Nepal’s legal system, she had only two days left on her visa before being forced to leave her baby behind. The State Department told her the Nepalese army was to stand down to allow thousands of Moaist rebels to invade the city… MORE...


 Grammy Nominated, Dove Award Winner, TV Host, Singer

  •  The Biz of Winning
  • Hosts and Sings for Your Event
  • Caregiving in New Way
  • Landing On Your Feet

Gary has won seven Dove Awards and five Grammy nominations as an artist. He also hosted TNN’s flagship show and the Sam’s Place series at the historic Ryman Auditorium and Nashville’ Network’s Prime Time Country. He has produced CMT’s Musik Mafia, TV and a number of documentaries and specials. Because of his extensive history in the entertainment industry, quick wit and incredible voice, he has spoken at numerous venues over the years and is booked as a host and speaker for many national organizations. He always brings that beautiful guitar with him, just in case it’s needed in a pinch.


Bestselling Author

  • The Power of Reconciliation
  • The Thankful Keys to the Kingdom
  • Living Comfortable Outside Your Box
  • Can We Talk? … About the Entertainment Industry

Lynn hung up the phone, still in shock to learn that her father had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Their relationships had been a difficult one over the years, punctuated with anger and misunderstandings. She’d always thought there would be more time, yet now she knew that time had been wasted. Was it too late to make things right with her father? Was he still able to understand that she loved him? … MORE …


Amazon Best Selling Author

  • A Caregiver Love Story
  • Surviving the Grief Process
  • How to Avoid Burnout
  • The Importance of Boundaries and Balance


Early one morning in 1996, David awoke to discover his wife, Charlene, was missing from their bed. He found her on the living room couch, slumped over and incoherent. Charlene was strong and healthy, so it took Dave a few seconds to realize what was happening–she was suffering a massive stroke. He grabbed the phone and desperately dialed 911, then waited helplessly for the paramedics to arrive…MORE…