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  • The Power of Reconciliation
  • The Thankful Keys to the Kingdom
  • Living Comfortably Outside Your Box
  • Can WeTalk??… About the Entertainment Biz



Lynn hung up the phone, still in shock to learn that her father had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Their relationships had been a difficult one over the years, punctuated with anger and misunderstandings. She thought there would be more time to get everything reconciled, yet now she knew that time had been wasted. Was it too late to make things right with her father? Was he still able to understand that she loved him? This call and her response would forever change how she walked through her professional, personal and family life. 


LYNN BARRINGTON has been in the entertainment business, one way or another since she was a little girl watching Carol Burnett on the black and white Magnavox television in Odessa, Texas.

But, it was her relationship with her Daddy that challenged her throughout her life. Being a serial entrepreneur, like her daddy, she has had many jobs in the entertainment industry. She has been a Award winning music publisher, an author’s Agent, a manager, record producer, award winning songwriter, consultant to Sr. VP of Business Affairs at MGM, worked for Universal Studios and Television, MCA, a Best Selling Author with Simon & Schuster and this year she will produce her first movie with Producer Chuck Howard (I’m Not Ashamed).

When Lynn was presented the opportunity to co-author a book with Carmen Renee Berry (NY Times Best Selling author of Girlfriends), she knew she wanted to share the hard-fought blessings that came from her tumultuous relationship with her father. During the writing of the book, Lynn interviewed over 300 daddies and daughters. She discovered many women who had challenging relationships not only with their fathers, but within themselves regarding their future. Because she had personally lived through those two issues, she knew those issues were not separate but forever entwined. Truly it was fulfilling as Daddies and Daughters became a bestselling book published by Simon & Schuster.

That experience took her all over the United States speaking her message for healing and reconciliation for Daddies and Daughters. Now for decades, she has spoken from small venues like Barnes & Noble, to churches, conventions, retreats or corporations too numerous to mention.

Lynn has learned how to be thankful ahead of time for all the blessings that have come her way. She has incorporated her love of life as an entrepreneur, a woman, and a daughter in her speaking career. She enjoys any challenge a client might have to tailor her speaking skills to their needs for a transformational hour, a day or week.


The Power in Loving Your Daddy!

Every girl hopes that her Daddy will be her hero, her knight in shining armor, or her very loving King that will always protect her and keep her safe from harm. Unfortunately, more often than not, that is not the case. In my life, my father was a good man, hard worker and very good provider. But the day I found out he cheated on my mother, and chose another woman, and left…was the day something deep died inside of me. It took me years to learn that forgiveness was a gift and that it created power in loving my Father. Through prayer, one talk, willingness, an eternal perspective and respect you will find that power that will change your life as a daddy or a daughter.


The Thankful Keys to the Kingdom

There is a big difference between being grateful and thankful. Grateful is appreciation upon or having received something of value to a person. Thankful is and action and language of acceptance. The question becomes are you only thankful after you receive something from God? Can you be thankful BEFORE you receive something from God? The answer is a resounding “YES”!! There are keys to the Kingdom that all revolved around the action of being thankful.


Living Comfortably Outside Your Box

People talk about going outside your box. But, what does it take to not just try it once, twice or a few times? What could it be like to live “comfortably” outside your box? How can you shatter that box that keeps you confined and limiting the possibilities that you have in your heart? Lynn reveals the secrets she has discovered on not only how to open the doors that keep you inside your box, but how to keep the doors open and go farther than you have ever thought possible.


Can We Talk …About the Entertainment Business?

This topic is a very varied topic for Lyn Barrington. Having been in music publishing, recording, a Best Selling author, record producer and now movie producer, she can speak on many topics with experience and expertise. She’s got incredible stories of overcoming and persistence that you must have to be successful in the entertainment business. She is a truth speaker and will give you the real deal about any entertainment subject that your group might choose. She has spoken at many music, publishing, writing and movie conferences.


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